Shakespeare on Syria

Thou doth not feel. Thou doth not know.

They art parch’d. They art starv’d. They art needy.

Who would doth this?

The tyrant is thirsty for clout. He slaughters poor children for clout. He executes for clout. He kills for clout. He tortures for clout.

But what will happen after thee is done slaughtering? What will happen when everyone is lying dead on the bloody ground?

No matter what, through the blood, tears, screaming, we will not stop until we get what we deserve, freedom.

America’s Opinion

If you look back at my point of view as a rebel (, I stated my own personal opinion without offending any other opinion. This time, I will be doing this again.
Before I commence, I would like to make a disclaimer that I am aware that America, like any country prefers to stay away from any war, especially interfering with current wars that have been taking place.

Obama has expressed his opinion about the civil war that has taken place in Syria for the past 3 years. He has stated that he thinks that what Bashar Al- Assad is doing to the rebels and the actions he is taking are very wrong. It is quite clear looking from the actions taken by this monster, that he is a tyrant. Unfortunately when it comes to war, opinions don’t change or help fix anything in a war. Obama can go on forever talking about how the atmosphere caused by Assad is lamentable. Will all that help the rebels defeat Assad? Will that the rebels gain the freedom they have been fighting for? Will that reduce the number of lives being stolen by Assad every, single day? Will that help the endangered, poor people escape from Syria without being threatened? Will that bring food, medicine, shelter, and water to the people that struggle everyday to live without these needs? Will that bring the rebels a step closer to gaining their freedom? Will that end Monarchy in Syria? Just take a second to answer these questions in your head. Will one opinion change anything?


In my opinion, I think not only we would have saved more time, but more lives if Obama took action to help defeat Assad and his army. As president of one of the biggest countries of the world, Obama holds a lot of power in his hands without any doubt. His power is capable of hunting down Assad and killing him within 48 hours, no guarantee. Assad is known as a mortal living on this universe with such a horrific reputation from how odious he is not only as a monarch, but as a human being. He is starting to wane the more time that passes by because there is no way with the perseverance the rebels have, that he will regain his power or even live on this earth. If Obama takes action and sends his troops to Syria to gain what we deserve, as persistent Syrians, it will be a miracle that will be remembered and honored for the rest of Syria’s history, of course if Assad does leave a future for Syria. If Obama becomes an ally with the rebels, America with be more lofty because of the help they provided to gain the Syrian peoples’ freedom.

I truly hoped this left my readers thinking about what the benefits would be if America stops talking, and just does something about it. Thank you!


Feeling the fright on the faultless faces.
Revealing who the real rivals are.
Enduring the pain after the tyrant feigned his true identity.
Enshrine our determination to defeat the dark devil.
Decapitated by the vicious villains.
On our way to obtain our reign.
Making our way to freedom.

Literary Devices used:
1. Acrostic
2. Alliteration
3. Assonance

Syrian Rebel’s Point of View

Now that I have addressed to you all of the different topics that relate the current civil war in Syria, I finally want to state my opinion about this tragedy happening in Syria.

My family has been against the Syrian Regime before the protesting even started. The reason why my family dislikes the government is because we are democrats and the government in Syria is not run by a democratic party. In fact, the country has always been ran by a selfish dictator. That is one of the reasons why I am strongly against the Syrian government. Because Syria has never been a democratic country, the Syrian people are limited to freedom. To back up my fact, I would like to share a story that has happened to my grandpa. My grandpa got arrested for two years just for expressing his opinion about the dictator. This is proof that the Syrians don’t even have freedom of speech or even freedom of opinion. In the past, no one could even have their own opinion and speak it without getting in trouble with the police. Now is that what anyone wants? Being limited for freedom, even the right of freedom of speech? I think that this can answer many of your questions about why the government is hated by many.

Another reason of why I am against the dictator and the government is because they have been corrupting for the past forty years. Firstly, the government was very selfish when it comes to petrol because they kept it just among themselves instead of sharing among the people. Secondly, they stole the people’s money. Just like any dictatorship, they keep the countries money for themselves; that is why the Syrian people are poor and have always been poor before the revolution commenced. Finally, the main corruption they have attempted was the killing of innocent people. Ever since this war in Syria has begun, Assad has been sending his army to go out and take the lives of innocent people who just want enlightenment. They just want to save their harmed family, and they wish for the democratic, free country they have always deserved as human beings. Syrians are human beings just like any other on this planet. They deserve the same as any other and should live freely and happily just like any other. I guarantee that I am not the only Syrian who thinks from this perspective.

Yes, I am aware that I do not live the current Syrian life trying to save my family, trying so hard to just wake up the next day alive.  But, I sure do understand how it feels and I do understand what a person living in Syria would want at this very moment. I feel the pain my brothers and sisters in Syria feel. In my heart, we all are originated in that beautiful place we call home that now has turned into a war zone with innocent people dreadfully killed while fighting for what they deserve as human beings.

Hezbollah joins the War

Hezbollah is a Lebanese Shi’a party ran by Hassan Nasrallah. This party has not only supported but joined the Syrian civil war on Assad’s side. Before I get into broader detail, let me express what this party is about.

This party is scrutinized as more superior than the Lebanese army itself. It initiated as a militia, and as it became more powerful, it obtained place in the Lebanese government. As a result, Hezbollah has a view in the government and can help with the establishment of the laws. Moreover, many  consider this party a terrorist institution, such as United States, United Kingdom, Australia, The Gulf Cooperation Council, Israel, European Union, Canada, France, and Bahrain. Therefore, this party does not have grand reputation to all. Lastly, it is important to include that Hezbollah has been an ally with the Ba’ath Party for many years.

On March of 2011, Hassan Nasrallah concluded to form an ally with Bashar Al Assad. On the other hand, Nasrallah has agreed to send Hezbollah members to fight against the Syrian rebels. Nasrallah has gotten up and spoken various amount of times and expressed his opinion about what has been happening and the rebels. Mainly, Hezbollah is by Assad’s side because Assad runs by the Ba’ath party, and Hezbollah is a fan of this fellow party. 

Similarly, Iran has also demonstrated it’s support to the Syrian Regime. First off, they have provided the Syrian Regime with technical help. Also, they have took a step further and equipped them with military support by increasing military troops.

I think it is important to connect the present with the past to discern how the past has led to the present. Moreover, I look at the similarities between the two ally’s with the Syrian Regime and determine if that means something. Both Hezbollah and Iran are known for their religion, Shi’a Islam. I think that Alawites aren’t the only ones that were favored by the Assad’s in the past…

In conclusion, I guess that Assad also favored and helped Shi’a Muslims in the past and that could be one of the main reasons why Hezbollah and Iran are supporting Assad; they are supporting him because they have helped their people, Shi’a Muslims, in the past.

Deeper into the Past

Many Syrians think that  before the war, everything was ‘peaceful’ and ‘fair’. But, was it really?

To begin with, in the past, Syria has went by the Ba’athism party . Currently, Assad is fighting to keep this party in place because he wants to keep the power. Assad wants to walk his father’s path and walk his exact footsteps. This means that he wants all the power to him, just like his father. None of the people had any freedom of speech, freedom of expression, etc. In conclusion, Assad, just like most leaders, undoubtedly wants full control over the country, including the people.

Moreover, Hafez Al-Asaad, and his son following, have mainly focused on the Alawiyah. Alawiyah is a specific ‘branch’ of Islam that only is placed in Syria; the have different beliefs and practices than Sunni and Shi’a Muslims. The fundamental reason why Alawiyah stand by Assad’s side in the current war is because Assad’s father, and him, have always favored and helped the Alawiyah out of all the different religious groups of Syrians. The reason why the Assad’s have always discriminated the rest is because the Assad family is part of the Alawiyah branch.

On the other hand, the rebellions are mostly the Sunni’s because looking back at the past, the Assad’s nor the Ba’athism party has never brought them any enlightenment to their lives. This is because the leader has never helped the Sunni’s as much as the Alawiyeh. Also, they have treated them not only unfair, but rather dreadfully compared to the Alawiyah.

Lastly, I would like to state my opinion. I personally think that it is and has always been unfair that the president is favoring the Alawiyah. All men should be treated equally no matter what religion or race they come from. People need to realize what the real problem is and why the rebels will not give up. The rebels are fighting because Syrians have been under the control of someone who is biased. Another reason is because Bashar is taking away lives just for him to keep in place all the power he has in order to control the Syrians and prevent them from the freedom they have always deserved since Day 1.

Story of a Syrian Boy

The story of this Syrian boy, Badr, is that his older brother was killed and found dead in front of there door. Then, the Syrian army soldiers broke into their house and asked a question while the gun was on this child’s head, Badr’s father responded with the answer that they do not wish to hear.

Alongside the gun was Badr’s head. The soldier was about to shoot him, but then his father sacrificed his life not only for his son, but also for their freedom. The question that the soldier inquired was, “Is freedom what you want?”. “Freedom is what we want,” his father clamored. The soldiers suddenly executed the father right in front of his family. This shows how much the rebellions are longing for their freedom. They will sacrifice their lives just to acquire the freedom that they have been brawling  for for almost 3 years.

There are many sorrowful true stories comparable to this. And all of those stories are situated with family members being slaughtered while the remaining members have to try to cope with their absence. Also, having to live the rest of their lives wondering what they did to deserve such an extreme death and enduring guiltiness because they did not sacrifice themselves just to save their dead family.  Aren’t these depressing stories about families being destroyed for fighting for their  freedom enough to see how badly these poor lives deserve freedom? Haven’t they earned it? What else does the government want more from them after the majority of the Syrians gave up almost everything?

Definitions of bolded words from

Respond: to reply or answer in words.

Wish: to want; desire; long for.

Alongside: along, by, at, or to the side of something.

Inquire: to seek information by questioning; ask.

Clamor: a loud uproar, as from a crowd of people.

Execute: to murder; assassinate.

Longing: strong, persistent desire or craving, especially for something unattainable or distant.

Acquire: to come into possession or ownership of; get as one’s own.

Brawl: a noisy quarrel, squabble, or fight.

Sorrowful: full of or feeling sorrow; grieved; sad.

Comparable: capable of being compared; having features in common with something else to permit or suggest comparison.

Situated: located; placed. placed in a particular position or condition.

Slaughter: the brutal or violent killing of a person.

Cope: to struggle or deal

Extreme: of a character or kind farthest removed from the ordinary or average

Endure: to bear without resistance or with patience; tolerate.

Destroy: to reduce (an object) to useless fragments, a useless form, or remains, as by rending, burning, ordissolving; injure beyond repair or renewal; demolish; ruin; annihilate.

Freedom of Expression

Before I get deep into this topic, Freedom of Expression, I would like to share the definition of freedom coming from an online dictionary.

“Freedom: The state of being free or at liberty rather than in confinement of under physical restraint.” (

But besides the definition, what does freedom really mean to me? To me, freedom means being able to be diverse.This means that I can be different than others, but not judged, instead being accepted by others that I am distinctive. Freedom also means to me that I am free to be my own person, have my own interests, my own opinions about different situations, and to go my own path in life. Overall, freedom to me really implicates that I am tolerated by my peers to be my own character.

Now, what does freedom mean to me as a person? As a person, I think about freedom from a different perspective. I believe that freedom as a person is mostly based on human rights. The natural rights needed as a human being, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Freedom connects to rights because it is prior that we, as people, are allowed to be possessed with these various rights, whether the rights are obligatory or not.

Lastly, I am going to enter a whole new idea about freedom. This is the point of view coming from an international blogger. As a person who shares their ideas publicly, freedom online means that freely being capable to share my personal thoughts about different scenarios, whether they exist or not. For example, I can share my opinion about the Syrian government and their actions against the rebellions. Although my opinion will surely be disparate from others’ opinions, it is still tolerated for me to share my beliefs on these topics. Freedom online does not mean that a person is allowed to belittle different people, groups, opinions, or situations. In conclusion, a person can reflect on things from their point of view, but it is intolerable for someone to criticize any opponent online.

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